Monday, June 30, 2008

Start Packing!

I begin my writer in residence program in six days. Very exciting. Toothbrush,...check. Laptop,...check. Plane ticket,...ahem, no.

You see, this writer in residence adventure is a little different. I'm not camping out in some cabin in a rustic tourist town and I'm not headed for a stuffy, windowed room in a metropolitan library where school kids and old ladies can peek in and say things like, "I'd rather watch a monkey." Call this a virtual writer in residence experience. I'm staying home. Besides gas is too expensive and I respect the environment too much to go off to a luxurious accommodation in a warmer city in North (or South) America (or Europe). Truth is, nobody invited me to write in some historic mansion, but I really am committed to reducing greenhouse gases. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Polar bears really are cute.

Beginning Monday, July 7, I'll be officially on vacation from my regular job as a school principal and I'll clear off the bills on my desk to transform this space into a writing studio. With one book under my belt, I'm anxious to continue with several projects that I've only dabbled with on rare weekends when I haven't been entirely exhausted over the past ten months.

Without the hassles of customs and the awkwardness of buying a swanky new swimsuit, I can write away right away.

I can't wait!

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